New PlayStation VR Videos Showcase the New CUH-ZVR2 Model in English

New PlayStation VR Videos Showcase the New CUH-ZVR2 Model in English

Sony Interactive Entertainment showcases the new PlayStation VR model, the contents of the box, and how you set it up compared with the old one.

Today, Sony Interactive Entertainment released a batch of videos in English featuring the new PlayStation VR model labeled CUH-ZVR2 Model.

Announced at the beginning of October, the new model is finally coming to the west. While no official launch date was announced, we know that it’ll be part of a The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR bundle that will be released on November 17th in North America.

The videos, that you can enjoy below, show what you’ll find in the box of the new model, and how you set it up, including the difference with the old CUH-ZVR1 headset.

The most visible change in the new headset is the fact that the main wire connecting to the headset now brings the headphone cable all the way, so you’ll be able to plug your earbuds directly to the unit. Default earbuds are still included in the box, but the shape is different to adapt to the underside of the band of the headset.

The volume and mute controls have also been integrated into the headset, just below the visor, while the position of the adjustment button has been changed. The cable connecting the headset and the Processor unit is also slimmer for better usage comfort.

The processor unit has been updated to implement HDR pass through, meaning that you won’t need to unplug the unit in order to enjoy HDR content on your TV. That being said, you will still need to turn off the PlayStation VR headset.

Of course, the price remains the same, but if you’re considering the idea of using the new processor unit with the old headset, unfortunately, this won’t be possible due to the differences in cabling.