PlayStation Wrap-Up Shows Your 2019 in Gaming Plus a Free PS4 Theme and Avatars

PlayStation Wrap-Up Shows Your 2019 in Gaming Plus a Free PS4 Theme and Avatars

PlayStation Wrap-Up is an end-of-year roundup, showing PS4 players what their 2019 was like in gaming, along with a theme and avatars.

The end of 2019 saw a bunch of websites, games such as Sea of Thieves, applications, and even Nintendo churning out the end of year stats. As expected, PlayStation is on the bandwagon now with its own 2019 Wrap-Up for those with PS4 accounts.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, the Wrap-Up will go back through your gaming activity throughout last year, providing you with statistics of your most played games, how many games you played, top genres, trophies earned, and more.

The Wrap-Up will only be available until February 14, 2020, so you’ve got plenty of time to jump on and check out your statistics at your own pace. Then you can go and brag to your friends, or keep your awful stats a personal secret.

The Wrap-Up isn’t the only thing to turn up here for PS4 users, PlayStation is giving away a free dynamic theme that introduces various detailed artwork of different badass looking characters that represent genres. An armored horse for example, or an angry looking samurai.

Additionally, depending on the player’s popular genre, a range of seven avatars are being gifted to players. The avatars reflect different genres as they do in the theme. You can see what they look like below.

The player can find all 7 avatars being gifted to them through an email from PlayStation, or by going directly to the website.

So come on PS4 players, get logging in, then jump into the comments below or on Twitter and show us your statistics! See if anyone can beat Community Manager Mike Long’s statistics.