PlayStation’s #4ThePlayers Campaign Takes Over The OXO Tower London To Mark The Arrival of the PS4

on January 16, 2014 12:43 PM

With a maximum of 25 people involved in this amazing secret, Sony engineers took to taking over the OXO Tower to mark the arrival of the PS4 in the United Kingdom. The behind the scenes video, which you can view below, shows off an interesting look behind the project, and the reaction of ordinary citizens to the extraordinary sight.

With commentary from OXO Tower Management Alison Pinner, neon fabricators David Pigott and Martin Lofthouse, Project Manager Simon Brinsmead and Head Abseiler Stuart Alcock, the video shows how the OXO Tower has shown for nearly 100 years, and how — for a limited time, and with 410 electrical connections, 185 sections of neon glass tubes, 1.1 tons of aluminum, 18 high power neon transformers, six specialist abseilers, 660m of climbing rope and 3/4 mile electrical cable — it will shine as a PlayStation beacon for 3-6 miles.

Simply. Amazing.

Can you guys come to New York and add a neon Crash Bandicoot to the top of the Empire State Building? Or repaint the Statue of Liberty in black, blue and white colors? Or maybe throw up a video of giant Playroom Robot in Times Square?


Pretty please?

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