Pledge Your Allegiance in the Latest Update for Elite: Dangerous

on June 6, 2015 1:39 PM

For the empire! Elite: Dangerous newest update just added a bunch of new things to do in your illustrious space career.

The Powerplay update has you join one of many galactic factions where you can take on special missions for your sides quest for universal conquest. Aside from the factions, a ton of new features are included in this update.

Here’s what to expect in Powerplay:

-An enhanced mission system with new objectives and new ways to play.
-Three new ships: the Lakon Diamondback Scout, Lakon Diamondback Explorer and the Imperial Courier.
-Drones for cargo collection, fuel trading and prospecting.
-A new illustrated GalNet newsfeed, accessible directly in players’ ship UI.
-High and low intensity mining sites, adding risk to mining and increasing potential rewards.
-New minable commodities.
-An updated bounty system.
-Upgraded UI and animated emblems for ranking up.
-Numerous other improvements to gameplay and performance.

Powerplay is available now as a free update for Elite: Dangerous on PC.

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