Who Is Pneuma? What You Should Know About Her, Pyra And Mythra

Here's what you should know about Pneuma.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is adding two new characters from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – Pyra and Mythra – but many players are wondering what’s the deal with another character from the game, Pneuma, mentioned by Sakurai. We’re here to help you remember who Pneuma is if you played the game at launch in 2017 and don’t remember much. And explain her circumstances if you never played the game.

Note that this character is a walking spoiler of Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Hence why Masahiro Sakurai never said too much about her during the presentation stream. And why her new illustration on stream was blurred. Needless to say this means there are spoilers below, but that’s why you’re here for so let’s go.

Pneuma is a character that only appears starting Chapter 7 of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Pyra and Mythra are both Aegis in the game’s story, legendary Blades. While Mythra’s presence was revealed in promotional material before the game’s release, Pneuma’s existence was kept hidden. Pneuma is the third Aegis Blade, revealed during Rex’s rescue attempt of Pyra, while fighting Malos and Jin. She’s the true form of Pyra and Mythra, when the two of them combine.

Pneuma’s appearance, personality and skills explained

Unlike Pyra who has a red motif, and Mythra with her golden motif, Pneuma’s physical appearance is similar to their chest embedded Core Crystal, using a green emerald motif. Her physical appearance is also a mix of both Pyra and Mythra, but with a ponytail hairstyle to match Rex’ preferences. During her first appearance, Pneuma also changes Rex’s appearance and status to a Master Driver, with a new outfit using a similar green motif.

Pneuma’s personality is also a mix of both Pyra and Mythra, but without Pyra’s insecurities, and without Mythra’s sharp tongue. In other words, she’s not a Tsundere, like Sakurai jokingly said during the presentation stream. Using the true power of the Aegis, Pneuma can also manipulate time and the physical laws of her surroundings. She would have been fine choice for a Final Smash attack appearance, if not for spoilers.

Pneuma’s color scheme is used for one of the alternative colors of Pyra and Mythra.

Pneuma has the same voice actress and seiyuu as Pyra and Mythra: Sky Bennett in English, and Shino Shimoji in Japanese.

Lastly, it’s also interesting to note the Japanese names of the characters. In Japanese, Pyra is Homura, which means flame. Mythra is Hikari, which means light. Several names of the characters of Xenoblade Chnoricles 2 were changed by the localization, which is a pretty weird choice in my opinion as it adds certain mythological references not present in the original script. However, Pneuma is both “Pneuma” in Japanese and English. It’s a reference to ancient Greek πνεῦμα (pneuma) which might refer to “breath of life”. In-game, players can decide to call her either Pyra or Mythra.

Rex and Pyra/Mythra/Pneuma’s relationship

In the Japanese script, it’s clear Rex actually has no romantic feelings for Pyra, Mythra, Pneuma, or any character. However, the game’s localization could make players think otherwise, hinting at a love story between Rex and the Aegis. It’s a hard subject to bring up as nowadays game translators are often unjustly singled out, even though they’re more often than not doing a very good job. However, I personally definitely think the localization of Xenoblade 2 could have been handled better.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Masahiro Sakurai Presents Pyra/Mythra

That’s it, everything you should know about Pneuma in a nutshell. Obviously there’s much more details to her lore than this. But personally speaking, I’d always say playing the game yourself and making your own opinion on the characters’ personality and story is the best.

Switch exclusive Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will add Pyra and Mythra through DLC on March 5.

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