Pocket God Headed to Facebook

You know, I was sitting here trying to think of an introduction to describe Pocket God when I realized that anything I bring up is just going to sound derivative. The name is one of the best descriptive naming choices I’ve seen in a long time. The fairly successful iOS game puts you playing as a God watching over an island of pygmies.  Whether you help or harm them is up to you with a wide range of powers available to you. Bolt Creative and Frima Studio will be teaming up to bring Pocket God to Facebook this fall.

Facebook is fast becoming a great place to showcase small quick games, as we’ve seen with Bejeweled Blitz, Zuma Blitz, and Robot Unicorn Attack, not to mention the Zynga games which shall not be named (they have enough power…) Putting iPhone system games on the social network service really makes perfect sense, and I know I’ll probably find myself playing it from time to time when it comes out. If you’re interested in getting into the beta for the game, keep an eye on the game’s official blog. Of course, the original is only $1 if you’d rather just check that out than wait! It’s a very interesting game and good for some quick fun.

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John Colaw

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