Pocket Rumble Punches Its Way Onto the Nintendo Switch With a New Launch Trailer

Pocket Rumble Punches Its Way Onto the Nintendo Switch With a New Launch Trailer

Pocket Rumble, the barebones fighting game developed by Cardboard Robot Games, is now available on the Nintendo Switch alongside a new launch trailer.

If you’ve ever wanted to start playing fighting games but repeatedly found yourself getting pummelled while struggling to figure out the controls, breathe easy, as Cardboard Robot Games’ simple, two-button fighting game Pocket Rumble is now available on the Nintendo Switch.

Imagine this scenario; you find yourself at a friend’s house and they playfully challenge you to a fighting game. It could be anything from Street Fighter II to Skullgirls, maybe even Dragonball FighterZ. Sure, you think. I mean, I can hold my own in a match of Super Smash Bros. I even played a few matches of Punch-Out!! at the arcade in my youth. What could possibly go wrong?

If you’re anything like me, a lot can go wrong. Complicated controls alongside hard to remember combinations make dipping your toes into a new fighting game a nightmare for those not fully versed in the genre. Thankfully, Pocket Rumble, a self-proclaimed “beginner-friendly” title, offers to help all of us filthy fighting game casuals stand a chance. Initially released on PC back in 2016, the barebones fighting game has come to the Switch as a console exclusive. Intentionally reminiscent of the fighting games from the Neo Geo Pocket Color, Pocket Rumble offers a simple fighting game experience complete with vibrant pixel art and CRT scan lines.

Pocket Rumble is available now on Nintendo Switch, and is also available on PC through Steam Early Access. For a closer look at the game, you can check out the Switch version’s launch trailer below: