Pocket Rumble Announced for Nintendo Switch as a Console Exclusive

on February 28, 2017 3:40 PM

Cardboard Robot Games and Chucklefish Games announced today during Nintendo’s Nindie Showcase that Pocket Rumble is coming to Nintendo Switch as a console exclusive.

Pocket Rumble is described as a beginner-friendly 2D fighting game that takes inspiration from classic SNK fighting games made for the Neo Geo Pocket Color. The game uses a simple two button control scheme to make the game more streamlined for newer players, while still maintaining depth and strategy for more advanced players.

The game also has an on-screen frame data bar and visual indicators for different properties such as invulnerability that will help newer players better understand fighting game mechanics, while also allowing more experienced ones hone their skills. The game will feature online multiplayer, and supports HD rumble.

You can look at some screenshots and watch the trailer for the Nintendo Switch version below. Pocket Rumble is currently in Early Access on Steam, and is expected to release for the Nintendo Switch in March for $10.

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