Journey's Composer Austin Wintory is Crafting the Score for Co-Op Indie Game Pode

Henchman & Goon has announced that Journey composer Austin Wintory will be composing the soundtrack for their upcoming Nintendo Switch title Pode.

May 3, 2018

Co-op exploration game Pode was unveiled during the Nindies Showcase back in March, gaining a ton of notoriety since then. Today, developer Henchman & Goon announced that Austin Wintory, who is best known for his work on Journey, The Banner Saga, and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate will be composing the score for Pode.

To channel the game’s Norwegian inspirations, Austin used a Hardanger fiddle and other string instruments to craft the game’s dynamic soundtrack, which will be over and hour long. Austin Wintory had the following to say about working on the soundtrack for Pode:

“I love working with games that have a beautiful, universal story to tell. Pode definitely aspires to that with the sort of poetic language we’ve seen emerging in games more and more lately, not to mention that the art is absolutely stunning! Henchman & Goon together with their wonderful leader Yngvill Hopen have really encouraged me to explore something personal and unique for the score, an opportunity I always relish.”

For those of you who don’t know, Pode is a co-op focus game that follows Bulder and Glo as the journey through a magical mountain, solving puzzles along the way. Yngvill Hopen, Game Director of Pode and CEO of Henchman & Goon, commenting on getting Austin Wintory to compose the game’s soundtrack, and how it adds to Pode as a whole:


“It was an honor to work with Austin Wintory, such a humble yet passionate artist, who managed to create a fantastic score in harmony with the essence of Pode. Austin quickly connected with the game on such a level that he soon became a part of our team, which felt very organic. He left a part of himself in the soundtrack, which we appreciate greatly and hope players will too.”

You can listen to one of Austin’s tracks, Falling Upward, below alongside the most recent gameplay trailer. Pode is currently poised to launch on Nintendo Switch sometime this Spring.

Tomas Franzese

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