Pokemon Bank Offers Free HeartGold/SoulSilver Evolved Starters Now Through November

As the Pokemon Bank service on Nintendo 3DS offers specialized online storage between various editions of Nintendo’s Pokemon titles, subscribers to the service are also getting a special bonus starting now.

Pokemon Bank is currently running a new promotion where subscribers of the service can obtain three highly-desirable pocket monsters to add to their collections – more specifically, the final evolutions for the starting Pokemon of HeartGold and SoulSilver – Typhlosion, Meganium, and Feraligatr.

Users of the Pokemon Bank service can obtain all three Pokemon by accessing the service any time between now through November 30th, 2015 – once access, players can bring them into any of the 3DS-generation Pokemon titles, including HeartGold/SoulSilverX/Y, and Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire. Once in Pokemon Bank, you can use Pokemon Link to download them to your come.

All three of the mentioned Pokemon come equipped with special Hidden Abilities, with Pokemon Company’s descriptions of each below:

Meganium’s Leaf Guard Hidden Ability protects the Pokémon from status conditions when sunlight is harsh or extremely harsh. Plus, this Meganium knows the move Sunny Day, allowing it to take advantage of its own Ability!

Typhlosion has the Flash Fire Hidden Ability, which powers up Fire-type moves by 50% and prevents this Pokémon from taking damage from Fire-type moves. With three strong Fire-type moves already in its arsenal, Typhlosion can make the most of Flash Fire in battle.

Feraligatr’s Sheer Force Hidden Ability eliminates the additional effects of this Pokémon’s attacks, but they will do an additional 30% damage instead. This Feraligatr knows three moves that have additional effects: Ice Punch, Crunch, and Waterfall. They won’t cause their additional effect, but they’ll all do huge damage!

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