5 Things We Want to See From Pokemon Legends Arceus - The Pokemon Breath of the Wild

Here are five quick thoughts on what we'd like to see from Pokemon Breath of the Wild.

February 26, 2021

Today, The Pokemon Company did the unthinkable and announced their Pokemon take on Breath of the Wild. Pokemon Legends Arceus is an open-world Pokemon adventure, set in a feudal version of the Sinnoh region from Diamond and Pearl. Players will be able to explore the Pokemon world in ways never seen before! Here are five things we’d love to see from the game.


If it’s a fully open-world game, let the Pokemon have full freedom. Don’t confine them to wild areas and specific routes – let them roam free. Let me find a Koffing in a city, let’s have more buildings like Power Plants with Pokemon inside – lean into the openness!

2. A full, deep character creator

Don’t get me wrong, this one is a little more superficial, but I think it would be really cool to have a complex character creation sequence at the start, with plenty of diverse options.

The options have slowly got better over the years, but as the game was referred to as an “Action-RPG” I think a character creator would be a nice touch.

3. Side Quests

Seeing as this is an “Action-RPG” I’d love to see some proper side quests. I think this presents The Pokemon Company with such a good opportunity to broaden their horizons and with side quests being such a staple in RPGs this could be great.

Missing Pokemon, Catch X Pokemon, Pokemon causing trouble in certain areas – the list goes on, but with the creative minds at Game Freak, there is the potential for some golden moments.

4. A sense of wonderment

One of the things that made Breath of the Wild so special was the sense of wonderment and exploration the game had. Players were free to explore Hyrule in whichever way they chose, and I’d love the same here.

Huge, sprawling landscapes, littered with Pokemon and surprises around every corner. Special moments that make every trainer’s adventure different and ensure that people keep making discoveries for a long time after release. There could be roaming legendaries, hidden coves, again, the possibilities are endless, but I’d love to see Game Freak really lean into the Breath of the Wild exploration.

5. A Sprawling Origins Story

Pokemon Legends Arceus does something that we’ve not seen before in the world of Pokemon, it goes back a significant amount of time. This allows The Pokemon Company and Game Freak to come up with a magical story on the early days of the world of Pokemon.

It looks like we’ll be building the first Pokedex and on top of that, I’d love to see the birth of other Pokemon traditions. How did gyms begin? What about the Pokemon League? What were the thoughts about the legendary Pokemon? There are so many great questions that this game could explore and I can’t wait to see how it unfolds.

There you have it, five quick thoughts on what we’d like to see from Pokemon Breath of the Wild – let us know what you think in the comments below.

Sam Woods

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