Pokemon Cafe Mix Announced on Nintendo Switch

Pokemon Cafe Mix is a free-to-play puzzle and cafe management game coming to Switch and mobile next week.

The Pokemon Company revealed multiple new games during a Pokemon Presents today, including Pokemon Smile, New Pokemon Snap, and Pokemon Cafe Mix.

This new one is a puzzle game coming to Nintendo Switch and mobile. Pokemon Cafe Mix has a “free-to-start” business model. The gameplay requires players to link various pokemon together by swirling in roll-like motions with their finger.

Pokemon Café Mix is also called this way as it’s not only a puzzle-game. Players take care of a café that will be visited by various pokemon. And it’s up to you to prepare their orders and satisfy their tastes. All while considering your budget. You can also recruit pokemon for your staff. Each one has special café skills to help you out during the puzzle sections.

Lastly, depending on how you decorate your café, new pokemon will visit.

Pokémon Café Mix will already be available next week, on June 24. Check out the trailer below.

You can read more on the game via its official site. Another Pokemon Presents will be held on June 24, where we’ll hear about more upcoming Pokemon projects.

Personally speaking, I’ve always liked Pokemon and would fight anyone claiming it’s for kids. With that said, I haven’t played any of the main games past Diamond and Pearl, and I rarely watch the anime due to lack of time. I’m always looking forward to more Pokemon games being announced though, and Pokemon Cafe Mix seems pretty nice if you enjoy these types of puzzle games. I’m particularly excited for New Pokemon Snap as I hope it’ll correct all the annoying things from the Nintendo 64 iteration and be truly fun.

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