The Pokémon Center Has Ditto Plushies For Fans of the Original 150

Are you looking for a gift for that special someone or just need a ditto hanging off of your keys? The Pokémon Center must have read your mind!

on February 9, 2017 7:31 PM

Whether you love one of the many classically featured pokémon or you just love the one pokémon that can be all of those many, The Pokémon Center has just the right thing.

The Pokémon Center announced today that a Ditto Plush Collection is for sale. Starting at $14.99, fans can purchase one of the classic starter pokémon, as well as a few of other fan-favorites from the original 150, all Ditto’d.

If you don’t quite have room on the shelf for a full-sized plush doll, check out the selection of keychain plushes available for purchase.

Of course, The Pokémon Center didn’t forget to include Ditto in its own form. For $42.99, you can buy a 17 inch Sleeping Ditto to rest your head and help guide your dreams to the poké world.

sleeping ditto

If you didn’t hear, Pokémon GO is holding a Valentine’s Day event, celebrating all pink pokémon for a limited time.

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