New Pokemon Center Location to Be Opened in Shibuya in Fall 2019

New Pokemon Center Location to Be Opened in Shibuya in Fall 2019

The popular Pokemon Centers located across the globe will have a new location coming to Shibuya Parco in fall 2019.

With Pokemon being the worldwide phenomenon that it is, the Pokemon Center locations around the world have become popular tourist destinations for fans of the series, and now a new location for the series of themed shops will arrive in Shibuya later this year.

During The Pokemon Company’s press conference that shared new projects and developments for the franchise, it was announced that a new Pokemon Center location will be opened in the Shibuya district of Tokyo, Japan in fall 2019. The new location, called Pokemon Center Shibuya, will coincide with the opening of the Shibuya Parco shopping center that will also debut this coming fall in Tokyo.

As shown during the broadcast, the Pokemon Center Shibuya will feature a sleek black and white design that “merges Pokemon with technology,” and will provide fans of the series with an immersive Pokemon experience outside of just being able to shop there. One of the signature elements of the new Center shown in the video is a rotating Mewtwo statue in a glass cylinder, which seems like an especially cool design choice if you happened to have seen Detective Pikachu in the past few weeks in theaters.

Most of the Pokemon Center locations are concentrated in various parts of Japan, though a few locations are based in the US (in New York and Washington) and a location that currently resides in Singapore. Pokemon Centers especially are known for their wide range of merchandise and unique collector’s items that they carry, making them ideal locations for fans of the franchise to explore and visit if they have the opportunity.