Pokémon Developer Unveils Mystery Game, It’s Indeed a Horse Racing Solitaire

on July 23, 2013 4:21 PM

A few days ago I wrote an article that theorized that the mysterious teased title by Game Freak could be SolityBa (SolityHorse), a mix between the old dear Solitaire, horses and Pokémon, based on a Japanese trademark.

The only thing I was wrong on was the involvement of Pokémon, as the cute critters won’t appear anywhere in this new title, that is indeed called SolityBa and is a strange hybrid between a Solitaire game and a horse racing game for the 3DS.

The game will be released in Japan on the Nintendo e-shop on July the 31st for 500 Yen.

So what the heck is SolityBa?

The game features horse races divided in stages. The first is a solitaire stage. The performance during this stage will allow the jockey to call on the power of his horse (represented by the released cards). In the second phase, by using the stylus, the player will control the trajectory of the horse and possibly bring him closer to victory. On the final straight of the race the accumulated cards will be spent in one last sprint, giving the player an advantage.

There will also be a training feature, and the possibility to exchange horse data with other players via QR codes.

Below you can see a few screenshots. Bet you you didn’t even come close to think that the creators of Pokémon would develop something like this. I called it, almost.

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