Pokemon Dark Edition Fan Trailer Shows Pokemon Trafficking and Illegal Fights

This trailer for a production that may never come looks incredible.

If you thought Pokemon was always meant to be a cute and adorable bundle of fun, then the team at noOne wants to show you how it can be turned into a dark drama. Titled, Pokemon Dark Edition, the trailer shows realistic-looking creatures in a totally different way to how Pokemon Detective Pikachu introduced them. However, despite the quality behind the trailer, it doesn’t appear as if the team plans to progress any further than the trailer.

The story follows a man with a Quilava who appears to be a detective looking into a case surrounding Pokémon trafficking and illegal fighting taking place. His involvement seems to lead to the kidnapping of his daughter, and after watching a news report detailing the arrest of a member of Team Rocket he comes up with an idea.

The idea is to participate in these underground fighting arenas in hopes of being able to find his daughter and bring her back, but the situation winds up going deeper than he expected. So deep it actually involves a SWAT team with a Machamp tagging along. I also believe there’s a scene toward the end with a skinny, lanky Meowth which looks haunting. There’s also a final shot that looks as if he finds his daughter being scientifically mutated into a Pokemon…weird. Either way, the trailer is incredible and you can watch it below.

The entire trailer is CGI and has a photorealistic touch to it, and has been directed by four fans who knocked it up in their spare time over 2 and a half years. The aim was to adapt the world of Pokemon to our world in a way to give it a darker edge. I can certainly say it appears as if they succeeded.

There looks to be no plans to bring this out as a web-series or movie. There is a placeholder that says it’ll be heading to theatres on Noctober 32, which of course is not a real date and no doubt inserted to give the trailer some authenticity. Additionally, in response to a comment on the video, noOne said it’s not sure what’s next for the production as it took 2.5 years to get to this point. They do indicate that should Netflix or Amazon decide to invest they could create an actual production.

The studio is currently working on a Kickstarter for another CGI project titled Stick Fighter which has a few weeks left. The production is to be a web-series and seems to turn stickmen into a violent action-packed bloodbath of…sticks?

I certainly won’t be able to jump on Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu now after seeing the realistic version from this trailer. What did you think of the trailer?


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