Tomorrow’s Pokemon Direct Will Seemingly Focus Mostly on Sword and Shield

Tomorrow’s Pokemon Direct Will Seemingly Focus Mostly on Sword and Shield

Based on a new press release, it seems as though the upcoming Pokemon Direct will largely center on revealing new features associated with Sword and Shield.

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company are set to have a new Pokemon Direct live stream tomorrow morning that will seemingly divulge future plans for the ever-popular monster-catching series. While specifics of what will be discussed during the event weren’t divulged initially, it seems we now have a better idea of what could be the focus of the showing.

As seen over on Reddit, the German press release that announced this Pokemon Direct stream has stated that tomorrow’s video will apparently focus on revealing new details about Pokemon Sword and Shield. Considering these two entries in the Pokemon series are still quite new, it shouldn’t come as a shock that The Pokemon Company wants to continue supporting them with more content of some sort. That said, we still don’t know specifically what these new details on Sword and Shield could be just yet.

The German press release for the Pokemon Direct states “new details about Sword and Shield” from r/NintendoSwitch

One good guess of what could be on tap for the Direct, however, deals with new information on Pokemon Home. For the uninitiated, Pokemon Home was announced last year by The Pokemon Company and is set to be a new cloud-based platform that will work across both mobile and Switch. Extensive details on just how Pokemon Home will work haven’t really been given just yet (which is why it would make sense if it was discussed during the Direct) but we do know that it will be compatible with the Pokemon Let’s Go games in addition to Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Personally speaking though, I’m still crossing my fingers that we learn something new about Pokemon Sleep. The baffling new app that is said to turn your sleep into gameplay was also revealed by The Pokemon Company in 2019 but we haven’t heard from it since that time. While the idea of Pokemon Sleep on paper doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense, I’m definitely curious to hear more about it.

Regardless of what ends up being shown off during tomorrow’s Pokemon Direct, we’ll share all of the latest news with you here on DualShockers as it develops.