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Pokemon Evolving Skies - All Secret Rare Cards in the Set and Prices

Plenty of secret rares to pull from this impressive set.

August 25, 2021

The Pokemon TCG is about to receive its seventh main expansion within the Sword & Shield series, titled Evolving Skies. 

Due to release on August 27, Evolving Skies will focus on Dragon-type Pokemon as well as the Eeveelutions, presenting over 200 cards including 18 V cards and 15 VMAX cards. The expansion will also feature more Single Strike and Rapid Strike cards, like its two predecessor expansions, as well as 24 Trainer cards and a new Special Energy Card.

Pokémon Unite | Mobile Launch Trailer

Pokémon Unite | Mobile Launch Trailer

Evolving Skies Secret Rares

Not only does the Evolving Skies expansion feature some beautiful artwork, but it also holds a lot of expensive cards in its Secret Rare lineup and we’ve included all of them to feast your eyes on and what they’re worth.

Gordie #223

Approx $9.99

Dracozolt VMAX Rainbow #210

Approx $14.49

Trevenant VMAX Rainbow #206

Approx $17.99

Crystal Cave #230

Approx $19.99

Duraludon VMAX (Alternate Art) #220

Approx $59.99

Aroma Lady Rainbow #221

Approx $24.99

Leafeon VMAX Rainbow #204

Approx $27.99

Frolass #226

Approx $29.32

Glaceon VMAX Rainbow #208

Approx $29.99

Inteleon #227

Approx $39.99

Sylveon VMAX Rainbow #211

Approx $34.99

Gyarados VMAX Rainbow #207

Approx $29.99

Zinnia’s Resolve Rainbow #225

Approx $39.99

Cresselia #228

Approx $42.92

Umbreon VMAX Rainbow #214

Approx $44.89

Duraludon VMAX Rainbow #219

Approx $19.49

Leafeon VMAX #205 

Approx $109

Glaceon VMAX  #209

Approx $129

Sylveon VMAX #212

Approx $169.99

Umbreon VMAX #215

Approx $299

Raihan Rainbow #224

Approx $19.99

Rayquaza VMAX Rainbow #217

Approx $129

Rayquaza VMAX (Alternate Art Secret) #218

Approx $434.22

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