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Pokemon Fan Art Combines Awesome WandaVision Characters As Trainers

A talented digital artist has created a crossover between Pokemon and Wandavision.

Based on the Marvel Comics superheroes Scarlet Witch and Vision, Wandavision flew onto our screens whilst holding its audience captive for its duration. With many not wanting the Disney series to end, the final epic episode saw more than a few emotions from fans around the world. Wandavision Director Matt Shakman stated that a second season will likely not happen so we need something to fill that empty gap left by the show. How about some Pokemon V Wandavision fan art to help heal your emotions?

Please be aware of huge Wandavision spoilers below.

Bruno Alexander whose a very talented digital illustrator, who also goes by the name of BreX5 on Reddit, has decided to re-image two of Wandavision’s wonderfully chaotic main characters from the series and turn them both into epic trainers from Pokemon. Alexander has said that they wanted to create the Hex in Pokemon and then see what Wanda Maximoff and Agatha Harkness would look like in that world.

As you can see from the images, Wanda Maximoff is depicted in a Pokemon art style alongside two reimagined Meowstics to coincide with her vibrant red attire. In the same cartoonish artstyle, Agatha Harkness is featured with Mismagius and Gengar, also matching in colour scheme. I think its a genius move by Alexander to incorporate Agatha’s signature holding her finger to her mouth which is a reference to how she kept her identity a secret throughout most of the show.

Alexander’s post on Reddit featuring their fabulous Wandavision/Pokemon artwork has been well received gaining 4.8k upvotes at this time of writing. To check out other images by Alexander, you can visit their Instagram page to view pieces that include many more Pokemon inspired artwork.

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