Pokémon Go Kicks Off 2019 by Convincing Trainers to Get Out and About With a Hatchathon

Pokémon Go Kicks Off 2019 by Convincing Trainers to Get Out and About With a Hatchathon

Pokémon Go is kicking off the new year with an egg-based event that will keep trainers fighting fit through the cold January weather.

It’s officially 2019 and gymnasiums across the globe are jam-packed full of people kick-starting their year with an influx of new year’s resolutions in order to improve their lifestyles. However, there is one way of keeping fit this January without having to cough up cash for a membership to a gym that will probably never see you again come February. The answer, of course, is Pokémon Go.

Starting today, Pokémon Go’s Hatchathon will see trainers’ chances of receiving 5 km and 10 km eggs from Pokéstops or gyms increasing. To give you even more reasons to get out and about on these brisk January days, there are also a number of bonuses to be earned along the way including double Hatch Stardust and double Hatch Candy.

To top it all off, a recently added feature called Adventure Sync will make sure that each step you take with your mobile device of choice will count towards hatching adorable little dudes from your pokémon eggs, regardless of whether or not Pokémon Go is active at the time.

The Hatchathon is live now and will run until January 15, 2019, alongside the year’s first community day which is also currently active.

Pokémon Go is available now on iOS and Android. The free app can also be used in conjunction with the critically acclaimed Nintendo Switch titles Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! Each of which can be purchased from Amazon.

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