Pokemon GO Fourth Anniversary and Pre-Go Fest Events Announced

Niantic have announced three events combining Pokemon GO's fourth anniversary with GO fest.

It’s been a busy week for Pokemon GO news – first we were treated to the return of the Go Battle League PVP mode and now following a tweet and blog post last night, we know that Pokemon Go fans are in for a range of events in the weeks leading up to Pokemon GO Fest 2020.

As Pokemon GO reaches its fourth anniversary on July 6th, Niantic have announced three themed events. These three events will take place in the weeks leading up to this year’s GO Fest which takes place on the weekend of July 25th/26th. This year’s Fest is the first time ever players will be able to play from home and each of the upcoming events each contain special challenges which if completed will unlock more Pokemon for Pokemon GO Fest.

The first event, which takes place between July 3rd – 8th, dubbed the “Skill challenge and Pokemon GO’s fourth-anniversary celebration event” has the focus on skillfully catching Pokemon and will contain three challenges for players to complete, which if done earns access to “GO Fest Elite Skill Challenge, a set of difficult tasks that you can complete to earn personal bragging rights!”. If One Million players from Team Valor complete the challenge Chansey becomes available at GO Fest. One million from Instinct unlocks Chimeco and one million from Mystic gets Alomomola. The skill challenge coincides with the fourth-anniversary celebration in which flying Pokemon are more prevalent, Ducklett makes its first appearance and Flying Pikachu and Shiny Pidove become available.

The second event (July 10th – 15th) is the Battle Event which is designed to “test your battle skills”. As the name suggests the challenge this time round is battle themed, with the chance to unlock Ferroseed, Alolan Marowak and Alolan Grimer at GO Fest. The post also promises a further “battle-themed event” on Sunday July 12th from 11am – 2pm but doesn’t share any other details than this.

The third and final event takes place between July 17th – 22nd and is combination of a Friendship GO Fest event and a more general summer event. The friendship event is focused around gift giving and offers players the chance to unlock Togetic, Litwick and Dratini for GO fest. Meanwhile the summer event that takes place at the same time gives players the first opportunity to catch Petilil and Shiny Bellsprout and a summer Pikachu will be making an appearance.

This is the first time Pokemon GO Fest has taken place outside of a previously specified location so it’s interesting to see how it will perform, however with support like this building the hype level, it’s easy to imagine tickets will be selling like hotcakes.

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