Pokémon GO AR+ Mode Detailed and Released on iOS 11 Devices

Pokémon GO AR+ Mode Detailed and Released on iOS 11 Devices

A brand new AR+ mode has been revealed for Pokémon GO, and in it, the monsters will be to scale, and you'll have to sneak in order to capture them.

There’s no denying that Niantic Labs has done a good job updating and bringing new content to its extremely popular mobile game Pokémon GO. Whether it be adding new Pokémon, or fixes old features, support for the game has been pretty consistent. The good news is that it seems like that won’t stop anytime soon, as the developer has announced that the augmented reality feature of the game has received an upgrade in the form of AR+.

First and foremost, with AR+ Pokémon will now appear to scale depending on how close you are to them, meaning if you move closer to the monster it will appear bigger, but if you are farther away it’ll appear smaller.

In addition to that, players will now have to sneak up on Pokémon in order to capture them. If you’re able to successfully do this, you’ll receive an Expert Handler bonus once you capture them. An Awareness meter will indicate how close you are to being detected.

AR+ is available right now if you are using an iPhone 6S or newer, and if it’s running iOS 11. As of the time of this writing, the feature is not planned to come to Android devices.

Pokémon GO was originally released July 6, 2016, and is available for iOS and Android devices.