Pokemon Go Boosts GameStop Sales by 100%; CEO “Very Happy to See All This Excitement Around Pokemon”

Pokemon Go Boosts GameStop Sales by 100%; CEO “Very Happy to See All This Excitement Around Pokemon”

Since its release earlier this year, Niantic’s game Pokemon Go has quickly become a mobile phenomenon and drawing numbers of players that are even rivaling major apps that Twitter and Snapchat, with retailer GameStop reporting some big financial boosts thanks to the game’s success.

In an appearance on CNBC, GameStop CEO Paul Raines explained that hundreds of the company’s retail stores have seen a big boost in sales and foot traffic thanks to Pokemon Go, with Raines explaining that “462 stores just this past weekend” are designated PokeStops/Gyms in the game, and adding that “we did some family events and our sales were up 100% percent in those stores.” (Raines didn’t specifically clarify what those sales are compared against, however)

In addition to the general sales boost that the game appears to be providing, Raines also added that sales of Pokemon-related merchandise is “up significantly across the board” for both GameStop locations and ThinkGeek retail stores, which are also owned by the company.

Raines explained during the interview that “we’re very happy to see all this excitement around Pokemon in what is traditionally a slower time of the year for video games,” while also adding “it’s great to see Pokemon and Nintendo re-investing in that IP,” and “to see [the Pokemon franchise] transitioning over into the mobile space.”

While GameStop is one of the larger companies to be enjoying the overall success from Pokemon Go, the game has also provided a boost to many other companies and businesses big and small, with business purchasing Lures to draw players to their locations and, often, providing discounts or special offers to players of the game while they explore and catch Pokemon.

Pokemon Go is available for both iOS and Android in Australia, the USA, Europe, and Canada, with the game to release in Japan this week and other territories coming up.