Pokemon GO: Can Therian Forme Thundurus be Shiny?

Here's the answer to whether you can catch another shiny Thundurus.

For the first time since Pokemon GO launched back in June of 2016, players can battle the Therian Formes of the Forces of Nature trio.

Following their Incarnate Formes, the Therian Formes of Landorus, Tornadus and Thundurus will be available in Five-Star Raid Battles over the coming weeks.

The first of these appearing is Therian Forme Thundurus, thanks to the new Pokemon GO Charge Up Electric-type event.

This has left players wondering – can Therian Forme Thundurus be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

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What does Therian Forme Thundurus Shiny form look like?

In his Incarnate Forme, Thundurus is a blue genie-like Pokemon, looking similar to the other Incarnate Formes (apart from their colour palates). Therian Forme Thundurus on the other hand takes the shape of what could be considered a traditional dragon.

In terms of its shiny form, this is very similar to Incarnate Forme Thundurus. Its light blue tone turns to more of a violet colour and it’s darker blue spots and legs are more of a vivid purple. Arguably, this is the best looking shiny version of the Forces of Nature trio.

Will Therian Forme Thundurus’ Shiny form be available in Pokemon GO?

In the future, undoubtedly. Right now, however, sadly not.

This is highly expected though. Niantic has only just released the shiny versions of the Incarnate Forme trio, despite them previously being in raids. It makes sense they’d hold back on the shiny versions of the Therian Forme trio, simply as players are likely to raid them regardless in order to fill that spot in the dex.

How long will Therian Forme Thundurus be in raids?

Players will have a little longer to catch Therian Forme Thundurus than they did its Incarnate Forme counterpart. He will be in raids through the Charge Up event until March 30, where he will then be replaced by Therian Forme Tornadus.

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