Pokemon GO: Charge Up Electric Event - Start Time, Research, Rewards and Bonuses

Here are the details you need for the upcoming Pokemon GO event.

March 15, 2021

The Season of Legends is proving to be a very busy, and exciting time for Pokemon GO players.

The season has ushered in a range of new wild Pokemon, regular Raid Boss changes and different research tasks. Trainers are also able to take part in tons of different events.

Alongside the usual Community Day and Spotlight Hours, Niantic has already given us “Searching for Legends” and we’re now about to enter our second major event of March, Charge Up.

This new event will focus specifically on Electric-type Pokemon. Here are all the details you need to know about the Pokemon GO Charge Up Event.

Start Time and Date

The Pokemon GO Charge Up event starts on Tuesday, March 16 and will begin at 10 am local time for all players. It’s set to run for almost a week and will end on March 22 at 8 pm local time.

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Pokemon GO Charge Up Pokemon

The event is set to bring a bunch of Electric-type Pokemon to the wild, eggs and raids. Here are all the details on those so far.

One of the main attractions of this event is the debut of the Tynamo family. The EleFish Pokemon will be available in 5km eggs, one-star raids and the wild.

The Pokemon confirmed to be joining Tynamo in the wild are the likes of Alolan Geodude, Electrike, Stunfisk and Voltorb.

Once again, raid bosses will also be getting a shake-up. They will look as follows:

One Star: Blitzle, Klink, Shinx, Tynamo and Voltorb
Three Star: Alolan Raichu, Alolan Graveler, Ampharos and Magneton
Five Star: Therian Forme Thundurus will be making its debut
Mega Raids: Mega Abomasnow, Mega Houndoom and Mega Manectric (who will be appearing for the first time).

Finally, 5km eggs will be getting a shake-up, with Electrike, Elekid, Joltik, Pichu, Shinx, Stunfisk and Tynamo all hatching.

Pokemon GO Charge Up Event Bonuses and Research

There are a number of rewards players can earn by completing the timed and field research tasks. It’s also been confirmed that Evolution items will be more common when opening Gifts during the Charge Up event. Here are the tasks we know about so far (courtesy of u/SilphScience!)

Field Research

  • Catch 5 Electric-type Pokémon: Joltik encounter
  • Power up Pokémon 7 times: 10 Ampharos Mega Energy

Timed Research

Stage 1

  • Catch 5 Electric-type Pokemon: Pikachu
  • Evolve a Pokemon: Voltorb
  • Power up Pokemon 5 times: 10 PokeBalls
  • Rewards: Tynamo, Unova Stone, 10 Mega Ampharos Energy

Stage 2

  • Make 3 Nice throws in a row: Magnemite
  • Make 3 Curveball throws in a row: Magnemite
  • Make 3 Great throws: Magnemite
  • Rewards: Magneton, Sinnoh Stone, 10 Mega Manectric Energy

Stage 3

  • Use 7 berries to help catch Pokémon: 10 PokéBalls
  • Evolve 3 Electric-type Pokémon: Electabuzz (s)
  • Power up Pokémon 10 times: 3 Razz Berries
  • Rewards: Porygon (s), Up-Grade, 15 Mega Ampharos Energy

Stage 4

  • Transfer 15 Pokémon: 10 PokéBalls
  • Evolve 5 Electric-type Pokémon: Jolteon
  • Power up Pokémon 15 times: Manectric (s)
  • Rewards: Tynamo, Unova Stone, 15 Mega Manectric Energy

Source: TheSilphRoad

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