Pokemon Go Cliff, Arlo, Sierra March 2021 - Counters, Weaknesses and How to Beat

Here is how to beat Cliff, Arlo and Sierra in Pokemon Go.

March 1, 2021

Pokemon Go is all set to host a variety of events in the month of March. From the onset of Season of Legends to new Special Research Quests, there is a lot to offer for fans out there. Alongside that, the Team GO Rocket Leaders will have a lineup of new Pokemon as well. If you are looking for the counters and weaknesses of the various Team GO Rocket Leader Pokemon, here is all you need to know about it.

Pokemon Go Cliff, Arlo, Sierra March 2021 – Counters, Weaknesses and How to Beat


Round 1 – Aerodactyl

  • Type- Rock, Flying.
  • Weaknesses- Ice, Rock, Steel, Water, Electric.
  • Counters- Mamoswine, Clawitzer, Aerodactyl, Tyrantrum, Greninja.

Round 2- Cradily

  • Type- Rock, Grass.
  • Weaknesses- Fighting, Ice, Bug, Steel.
  • Counters- Mamoswine, Aggron, Pilowswine, Walrein, Lairon.

Round 2- Slowking

  • Type- Water, Psychic.
  • Weaknesses- Ghost, Dark, Electric, Grass, Bug.
  • Counters- Gengar, Yveltal, Roserade.

Round 2- Gallade

  • Type- Psychic, Fighting.
  • Weaknesses- Fairy, Flying, Ghost.
  • Counters- Gengar, Yveltal, Chandelure, Moltres, Rayquaza.

Round 3- Tyranitar

  • Type- Rock, Dark.
  • Weaknesses- Fighting, Fairy, Ground, Bug, Steel, Water, Grass.
  • Counters- Lucario, Conkeldurr, Breloom, Machamp, Blaziken.

Round 3- Dusknoir

  • Type- Ghost
  • Weaknesses- Dark, Ghost.
  • Counters- Gengar, Darkrai, Chandelure, Yveltal, Deoxys.

Round 3- Mamoswine

  • Type- Ice, Ground.
  • Weaknesses- Fire, Fighting, Grass, Water, Steel.
  • Counters- Roserade, Aggron, Talonflame.


Round 1 – Beldum

  • Type- Steel, Psychic.
  • Weaknesses- Fire, Dark, Ground, Ghost.
  • Counters- Chandelure, Gengar, Darmanitan, Yveltal.

Round 2- Gardevoir

  • Type- Psychic, Fairy.
  • Weaknesses- Poison, Ghost, Steel.
  • Counters- Metagross, Gengar, Chandelure, Deoxys.

Round 2- Aggron

  • Type- Steel, Rock.
  • Weaknesses- Ground, Fighting, Water.
  • Counters- Mamoswine, Piloswine, Walrein.

Round 2- Infernape

  • Type- Fire, Fighting.
  • Weaknesses- Flying, Ground, Psychic, Water.
  • Counters- Mewtwo, Deoxys, Alakazam, Yveltal, Espeon.

Round 3- Scizor

  • Type- Bug, Steel.
  • Weaknesses- Fire.
  • Counters- Reshiram, Chandelure, Darmanitan, Volcarona, Blaziken.

Round 3- Salamence

  • Type- Dragon, Flying.
  • Weaknesses- Ice, Fairy, Dragon, Rock.
  • Counters- Darmanitan, Kyurem, Mamoswine, Weavile, Glaceon.

Round 3- Armaldo

  • Type- Rock, Bug.
  • Weaknesses- Water, Rock, Steel.
  • Counters- Aggron, Armaldo, Mamoswine, Walrein.


Round 1 – Carvanha

  • Type- Water, Dark.
  • Weaknesses- Fairy, Bug, Electric, Grass, Fighting.
  • Counters- Machamp, Raikou, Sirfetch’d, Zapdos, Roserade.

Round 2- Hippowdon

  • Type- Ground.
  • Weaknesses- Grass, Ice, Water.
  • Counters- Darmanitan, Kingler, Kyogre, Roserade, Kyurem.

Round 2- Poyrgon-Z

  • Type- Normal.
  • Weaknesses- Fighting.
  • Counters- Lucario, Conkeldurr, Breloom, Machamp, Blaziken, Meloetta.

Round 2- Mismagius

  • Type- Ghost.
  • Weaknesses- Dark, Ghost.
  • Counters- Gengar, Yveltal, Chandelure, Mismagius.

Round 3- Houndoom

  • Type- Dark, Fire.
  • Weaknesses- Fighting, Ground, Rock, Water.
  • Counters- Lucario, Rampardos, Kinglers, Landorus, Conkeldurr.

Round 3- Walrein

  • Type- Ice, Water.
  • Weaknesses- Fighting, Rock, Electric, Grass.
  • Counters- Roserade, Aggron, Armaldo, Mamoswine.

Round 3- Flygon

  • Type- Ground, Dragon.
  • Weaknesses- Ice, Fairy, Dragon.
  • Counters- Darmanitan, Kyurem, Mamoswine, Weavile, Glaceon, Kyurem.
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