Pokemon GO Enters Beta Tests in Japan, More Countries Coming Later

Not to be outdone by DeNA and Nintendo’s Miitomo news, Niantic has announced that they have begun beta testing the upcoming mobile game Pokemon GO. Revealed via a Google Plus post (that’s a first), developer Niantic had this to say (translation from IGN):

From today, Japanese residents are invited to field test Pokemon GO. We’ll give you information about the lottery system and invitation based on your device and experience of real-world gaming you’ve had so far. Those invited will be sent the details via email, however for those who have not received an invitation please stay excited as we are gradually expanding the field test.

The demo comes attached with a pretty heavy NDA, prohibiting too much information from being revealed by the current beta testers. However, YouTuber GAME Previews has went through data leaked by data miners and found the following:

  1. There are about 232 different attacks
  2. Each Pokemon will be assigned only 2 attacks
  3. The game will launch with only include the Generation 1 original 151 Pokemon.
  4. There will be six in-app purchase tiers
  5. There will be different items (potion, super potion etc.) and Pokeballs (regular, great ball, master ball, etc.)
  6. There will be three different teams: Team Blue, Team Red, and Team Yellow

With all of those listed, there is a ton more information speculated on in the video analysis below. Keep in mind that this is merely speculation looking at data-mined information from the beta test — there is no way to know for certain which is definitively true of what will make it to the end-game.

Finally, Niantic has confirmed that the field test will continue and expand to other countries as we get closer to the game’s 2016 launch on iOS and Android devices. Check out the footage below analyzing the leaks further:

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