Pokemon Go Fans Angry Over Incense Nerf Amidst Mudkip Community Day

April 10, 2022

Pokemon Go fans are having a tough time using incense in the game, and it seems like they are quite angry over the recent nerf.

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Pokemon Go is having a new community day today, with Mudkip as the featured Pokemon. Mudkip hails from the Hoenn region and is a Water-type Pokemon. Like with every other Community Day, there is an increased chance of finding Mudkip in the game, and there are a plethora of rewards players can get by completing the various research tasks. The special research is behind a ticket, which players can obtain by paying just $1. The event takes place between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. local time, so fans have to be pretty quick if they are looking to take part in the event.


Pokemon Go Fans Angry Over Incense Nerf Amidst Mudkip Community Day

As fans are trying to get their hands on a shiny Mudkip, they are having quite a bit of problem in the process. While the spawn rate of Mudkip is increased during Community Day, players can use Incense on top of that to make the spawn rates of the Pokemon even better. However, after the recent incense nerf, fans are really angry and want things to be changed.

It’s been a few weeks since incense was nerfed, but many would not have noticed the difference since it is not something players use quite often. Usually, it is used during a new event, and the Mudkip Community Day is one such event that has made them realize how significant the nerf is. Fans have taken to Twitter and are expressing their disapproval against the change, with some stating that incense is pretty pointless in the game right now.

It should be noted that incense is back to the stats it was a few years ago. To ensure that the game is playable amidst the pandemic, Niantic had introduced a few changes and it is slowly rolling them back, with incense being one of the most significant features being affected. Whether Niantic changes this again remains to be seen.

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