Pokemon GO Fashion Week 2021 Date, Time, Spawns & Details

By Sam Woods

September 20, 2021

Niantic throws some great themed events within Pokemon GO, with this year seeing them based on the likes of Psychic and Electric Pokemon, as well as Pokemon that were first discovered in the Kanto Region – to name a few.

The next event, however, is a little bit more questionable and the theme not quite as Pokemon related as the others. This event is, of course, the yearly Pokemon GO fashion week.

The event is set to kick off soon and will be focused on a “variety of stylishly dressed Pokemon”.

So, to help you prepare yourself, here are all of the details you need to know about the Pokemon GO Fashion Week 2021, including the start date, time and the spawns you can expect to see.

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Pokémon GO 5th Anniversary Video “Adventures Go On!”

Pokémon GO 5th Anniversary Video “Adventures Go On!”

Pokemon GO Fashion 2021 Start Date, Time and Details

This year’s Pokemon GO Fashion Week event kicks off on Tuesday, September 21, 2021, and will kick off at 10 am in your local time zones.

The event, believe it or not, is set to last for a week, and will finish on Tuesday, September 28, 2021, this time at 8 pm local time.

Confirmed Spawns, Egg Hatches and Raid Bosses

One of the major reasons Niantic is throwing this event is for the release of the Poodle Pokemon, Furfrou. A Pokemon that is known for being fashion conscious.

Furfrou will be available in the wild alongside a range of other costumed Pokemon, including Butterfree, Blitzle, Kirlia and Croagunk.

With costumed Pokemon being the theme of the event, costumed Shinx and Sneasel will be appearing in One-Star Raids and costumed Butterfree and Kirlia will be appearing in Three-Star Raids. The Lake Trio will remain in Five-Star Raids and Mega Houndoom will still be in Mega Raids.

Finally, available in 7KM eggs will be the following Pokemon – Alolan and Galarian Meowth, Costumed Smoochum and Costumed Shinx.

What Else?

Niantic has confirmed that there will be a range of different research opportunities available, including one that will reward either a Meloetta encounter or Meloetta Candy for those who attended GO Fest.

It’s also been confirmed that the sixth and seventh steps of the Misunderstood Mischief research will unlock during this event.

Finally, Niantic has confirmed there will be Timed Research, which focuses on fashionable Pokemon and will reward players with a Furfrou Wig.

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