Pokemon Go Fest 2022 Bad Shiny Rates Sparks Community Outrage

June 4, 2022

Pokemon Go Fest 2022 kicked off earlier today, and fans are quite disappointed with the overall shiny rates in the game at the moment.

The most awaited Pokemon Go event of the year is here and players are getting tons of new stuff to do in the game. As usual, players will be seeing some Pokemon more often in the wild than usual, alongside a number of new tasks, rewards, and much more.

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One of the most exciting things in these events is the chance to catch some shiny Pokemon. However, it seems like the players are not having such a great time catching shinies in the game. Players have been reporting on various platforms that the shiny rates in the game have been quite atrocious, and they have not been able to catch as many shinies this time around.


A Reddit user has in fact carried out proper research and has come up with the statistics regarding the shiny rates. According to them, the average for 41 Team Alpha members playing in Japan has been a measly 0.86 shinies per hour. It is added that these are hardcore players who catch 400 Pokemon an hour in a 60 Pokestop route. This is considerably less than what we have seen in the past, and many players have reiterated that they have faced the same issue as well.

Some players have reported that they couldn’t find even one shiny after playing for almost 4 hours, which is quite a bummer since it made them quit playing altogether. In fact, we checked the claims ourselves and we are able to verify that the shiny rates have been quite bad in the event. We were able to get just a couple of shinies in the entire day, so this issue doesn’t seem to be restricted to some players or regions specifically.

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