Pokémon Go Grandpa Levels Up His Bike to Carry 64 Smartphones

The Pokemon Go Legend that is Chen San-yuan has now evolved to his greatest level so far.

If you remember back last year, 70-year-old Pokemon Go master Chen San-yuan rode around the streets of Taiwan going from raid to raid with 21 smartphones attached to his bicycle. In 2018, good old Chen started with only 11 phones and thus began his epic evolution of leveling his unit as time went on to now obtaining a whooping 21 – yes, 21 mobile phones stuck right in front of his face as he rides around the streets trying to catch ’em all. Here’s hoping no one catches the front of that bike and he has some top-grade life insurance.

The legendary Pokémon GO Grandpa — known for biking the streets of New Taipei City, Taiwan, with his “peacock of phones” — has unleashed himself onto the world with his biggest and ballsiest rig to date. As you can see from the pictures, Chen San-yuan is now rocking up to raids with seven tiers of smartphones all with different accounts to become the true grandmaster. The Pokémon GO obsession came about when Chen’s grandson introduced him to the popular augmented reality mobile game developed and published by Niantic and since then, there’s been no stopping him.

In an interview with EFE, Chen’s neighbors said “Before keeping the mobiles on his bike, he could be seen in the parks with several mobiles on a tray. He had a great idea of taking the bike because now he can move wherever the Pokemons appear,” and apparently spends around $1,000 every month on his internet bill to keep all of his phones afloat and in working order because god forbid he missed out on a rare Pokémon and can play for 20 hours straight. The legend also is said to be out roaming the streets until 4 am and not even the lack of sleep will stop him from fulfilling his passion although, he is said to rarely participate in battles with other players now because he does not want to overwhelm them with his advantage. Understandable, Chen, understandable.

In February, Chen was named as the ambassador of Taiwanese brand ASUS. He not only participated in the presentation event of Zenfone Max Pro M2 but now carries more than 20 of those on his bicycle. Before Chen became the Pokemon Go legend that he is now, he spent his days as a fortune teller and Feng Shui expert in Taiwan, playing the game predominantly in the evening. I can’t help but wonder how Chen can see the road ahead or how he can touch the smartphones at the top tier? I guess this is what legends are made of and it’s not for me to question it. I’m looking forward to seeing Chen evolve his masterpiece even more so in the future – maybe he will eventually get to 100?

In other Pokemon GO news, Niantic has announced three events combining Pokemon GO‘s fourth anniversary with GO fest. The three events will take place in the weeks leading up to this year’s GO Fest which takes place on the weekend of July 25th/26th. Last week we saw during the Pokemon Presents presentation, three new Pokemon games in the works; Café Mix (which released Wednesday), Smile, and a new Snap coming to the Nintendo Switch. If that all wasn’t enough Pokemon news to sink your teeth into, Mega Evolutions (introduced in 2013’s Pokemon X & Y) will finally be making their way into the mobile title, allowing players to turn certain Pokemon into enhanced, more powerful evolved versions in battle for a limited time.


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