These Pokemon Go Handmade Pokeball Terrariums Could Be Yours to Keep

These Pokemon Go Handmade Pokeball Terrariums Could Be Yours to Keep

If you ever wanted your own LED Pokeball terrarium, now could be the time.

Last week, we saw McDonald’s teaming up with The Pokemon Company to bring fans a very special array of 25 holo and non-holo formatted Pokemon Trading Cards for their 25th anniversary. In turn, we saw some crazy numbers over on eBay where full case packs of the cards were being sold for over $1,100. If you happen to be a huge Pokemon Go enthusiast and fancy owning your very own customized Pokeball, you’ve come to the right place.

Over on Esty, where people come together from all over the world to create, sell, buy and collect unique items, Pokify has everything you need if you’ve ever dreamed of designing a one of a kind Pokeball terrarium from the Pokemon Go franchise either for yourself or as a gift for a fellow Pokemon fan. Pokify is the UK’s largest Pokeball terrarium creator and their talents know no bounds. The LED Pokemon Terrariums are so cute that they fit into the palm of your hand making them easy to carry around. Due to their LED lighting, the Pokeballs make for some great displays at night giving your home a unique feature.

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Unlike those needy Tamagotchi’s that were a craze during the 90s and then made another appearance in recent years, the Pokeball terrariums are completely sealed and don’t need any maintenance whatsoever to them so they are ideal to own. What makes it even better is if you don’t see a Pokemon that you want in their Esty store, the company will create one just for you. Make sure to head on over to Pokify’s shop and take a browse at what they have to offer.

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