Pokemon GO Has Added Mega Evolutions in Latest Update

Mega Evolution pokemon is the newest addition brought to Pokemon GO with themed events taking place later next month.

August 27, 2020

In case you had forgotten Pokemon GO is alive and kicking with mega evolutions becoming the newest addition to the game. Starting today players can mega evolve using a new resource known as Mega Energy. Mega Evolutions were originally introduced in Pokemon X and where specific fully evolved pokemon could temporarily transform and become stronger than ever before. Fans have been awaiting the update for a few months now after getting confirmation about mega evolutions coming to the game back in June.

Instead of using a mega stone, like in and trainers only need mega energy to make their pokemon evolve. Another new change is that once you mega evolve your pokemon, they stay in their form for more than a single battle, but trainers must find more mega energy once they back to normal. Plus you can only have one mega evolved at a time. To keep track of every mega evolved pokemon, there is a new section in the Pokedex specifically for mega evolutions.

Players will be able to obtain mega energy by completing mega raids as well as mega evolution research. Mega energy is tied to a specific pokemon similar to candies so there is no telling as of right now how easy it will be to evolve them.

Despite this welcome addition, it is surprising to see that mega evolutions came before adding the Kalos generation which introduced the feature even though it was already announced earlier this year. Pokemon GO has brought every generation leading up to Kalos so hopefully, that will be the next big addition to the game down the line.

Developer Niantic also announced that there will several mega evolution themed events taking place throughout the month of September with more details coming soon. For the full complete details on the latest update, check out the official Pokemon GO blog.

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