Pokemon Go Hatchable Pokemon Explained - Why is your Pokemon not showing?

Here is all you need to know about the hatchable Pokemon feature in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go had taken the mobile gaming industry by storm when it was launched back in 2016. The game has continued to grow over the years, and Niantic has done a pretty fine job of keeping the playerbase engaged with regular content updates.

Every month, tons of new events take place in the game which give players an array of rewards. These range from some special Pokemon encounters to in-game items and much more.

Pokemon Go Hatchable Pokemon Feature Explained

A month ago, Niantic debuted the Pokemon Go Hatchable Pokemon feature in the game for a limited number of players. For those who are unaware, this feature allowed players to look at what Pokemon could possibly hatch out from the egg. The feature would also display the rarity level of the Pokemon, so it was quite a nice feature to have.

While the feature was rolled out for a few players initially, yesterday, it was made available for all players. This means that you can now check what Pokemon could possibly hatch out from your egg.

Pokemon Go Hatchable Pokemon Feature -Why is your Pokemon not showing?

While the feature is already live, many might be wondering why they aren’t able to see the Pokemon which could hatch from their egg. It is because of the fact that the feature will only work for eggs which you get after the update went live yesterday.

Any egg you get from now will give you the respective information about the Pokemon which could hatch along with their rarity levels. All you need to do is to tap on the egg and all the information will be displayed on the screen itself.

This feature has got mixed response from the community so far. While many liked it, some have criticized it for taking away the surprise element from the game.

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