Pokemon GO Hoopa's Arrival Field Research Tasks and Rewards

By Dean James

September 5, 2021

Pokemon GO is celebrating the introduction of Hoopa with plenty of events and the latest has added some new Field Research into the game as well.

Hoopa was introduced to the series during the sixth generation of games and comes in two different forms. Hoopa Confined is a Psychic/Ghost type, while Hoopa Unbound is a Psychic/Dark type.

While the Season of Mischief is going to be going on over the next three months or so, there are going to be special events throughout. Hoopa’s Arrival is the latest of these and with it comes some new Field Research to find and complete.

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Pokémon GO: Hoopa summons Pokémon originally discovered in Galar!

Pokémon GO: Hoopa summons Pokémon originally discovered in Galar!

Pokemon GO Hoopa’s Arrival Field Research

The Hoopa’s Arrival event in Pokemon GO is a one day event that will take place from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm local time on Sunday, September 5th. During this time, there will be a Collection Challenge related to Hoopa alongside some new Field Research.

Field Research are research tasks that can be acquired by spinning PokeStops, which often are tied to one day events when they do happen.

For the Hoopa’s Arrival event, there are seven new Field Research that you can find at these PokeStops, which will appear only between 11:00 am and 5:00 pm on September 5. Below is a list of the seven Field Research that you can find during the Hoopa event.

  • Catch 5 Pokemon – 5x Poke Ball
  • Catch 5 Pokemon – 5x Great Ball
  • Catch 5 Pokemon – 5x Ultra Ball
  • Catch 10 Pokemon – 10x Great Ball
  • Catch 10 Pokemon – 10x Ultra Ball
  • Catch 20 Pokemon – 25x Great Ball
  • Catch 50 Pokemon – 2x Rare Candy

Unfortunately, there really aren’t many Field Research this time that are very worthwhile. The extra Poke Balls and such are nice to have, but you’re essentially catching Pokemon to get that many balls back.

The one to really look out for though is the Catch 50 Pokemon for 2x Rare Candy PokeStop, as getting Rare Candy is always a good thing.

Make sure to spin your PokeStops during the Hoopa’s Arrival event and take advantage of these Field Research while they are active.

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