Elusive Ditto Finally Emerges in Pokemon GO

Elusive Ditto Finally Emerges in Pokemon GO

The shape-shifting Generation 1 Pokemon ditto has been an enigma to many a Pokemon GO player since the title’s July release. With an ever-growing list of fan theories of how to catch one and even a subreddit dedicated to it (shoutout to /r/findingditto), it has been one of the unsolved mysteries to the mega-popular mobile game… until this week.

According to Redditor S4mble, he went to capture a 200 CP Rattata, however after catching the common creature an “Oh?” sign (usually reserved for hatching eggs). After checking his inventory, he had a Ditto.

Pokemon GO Ditto

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Since that post, multiple others have recounted tales of success yesterday, implying that one of the latest patches must have pushed Ditto’s inclusion. If you’ve been waiting to complete your Pokemon collection, there has never been a better time to jump into the game — Pokemon GO is in the midst of a Thanksgiving holiday event, offering a week of double XP and Stardust.