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Pokémon Go Rounds Off its Legendary Year With the Addition of Cresselia

Pokémon Go's final legendary of 2018 is Sinnoh's psychic type Cresselia which is available now via the game's Raid Battles.

With the holiday season officially upon us, it means that the year will soon be drawing to a close to make way for the many exciting endeavors that may lay ahead in 2019. The last twelve months have been enormously successful for Pokémon Go both in terms of revenue and events. So what better way to wind down the final days of 2018 than with the appearance of another legendary pokémon.

Cresselia has made its way to Pokémon Go and is currently featured in the mobile app’s Raid Battles. The creature, known as the Lunar Pokémon, debuted way back in Pokémon: Diamond Version and Pokémon: Pearl Version on the original Nintendo DS. The popular legend is a psychic type which resembles a crescent moon through a number of different parts of its body from curved pink wings to its unusually shaped skull.

Those who wish to challenge Cresselia can do so until December 18 when Pokémon Go’s Legendary Year wraps up. Since January 2018 the game has featured a number of legendaries along with mythical pokémon including Moltres, Regirock, Kyogre, Latios, and Celebi.

Pokémon Go has recently released its fourth generation and the game is currently available to download now on iOS and Android for free. The app can be used alongside the newly released Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! as a means of catching and trading creatures. These Pikachu and Eevee variations of the title are available now on Nintendo Switch and can be purchased via Amazon.

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