Pokémon Go Finally Has Legendary Pokémon

Pokémon Go Finally Has Legendary Pokémon

Pokemon Go receives it's first two legendary Pokemon amid historic connection interruptions, go figure.

Earlier today, developer Niantic hosted its first ever Pokémon GO Fest at Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois, and they’ve unveiled something that players have been waiting for since the game’s release. The wildly popular AR mobile game will finally be adding in the legendary Pokémon Lugia and Articuno.

The sold-out event saw the introduction of a “mystery challenge” in which players were tasked with catching a certain amount of Pokémon during windows throughout the day. Despite rampant connectivity issues, players, both in the park as well as around the globe, were able to meet the criteria to unlock access to Lugia raids worldwide.

You can check out a livestream of the event below.

Players who attended the event were gifted Lugia, without having to battle the legendary raid, and contributions for the challenge were ranked by teams. Team Mystic had the largest contribution worldwide, followed by Valor and Instinct. Because team Mystic won, its team mascot, Articuno, was also announced to be joining the list of in-game Pokémon, though players will also have to defeat it in the game’s new raid format.

Because it was Pokémon GO, players were largely unable to connect to the game during the event, in addition to having to wait three hours to get into the event because of lines. All of this led Niantic to offer a complete refund for all tickets purchased for the event, as well as $100 in Poké coins (the game’s purchasable currency). You can read more about Pokémon GO‘s latest update here.

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