Pokémon Go Set to Bring “Lucky” Pokémon to Trainers’ Phones

Pokémon Go Set to Bring “Lucky” Pokémon to Trainers’ Phones

Pokémon Go is set to add a new "Lucky" feature to encourage trading that will allow Pokémon to gain more CP for less Stardust

Niantic continues to add new elements to Pokémon Go in order to keep the on-going experience feeling fresh. This time around, they’re adding “Lucky” Pokémon into the mix.

“Lucky” Pokémon differ from your regular little rascals both visually and fundamentally. When a Pokémon becomes “Lucky,” it will gain a sparkly overtone to indicate this new feature. Once this is obtained, it will allow the adorable critter to gain CP at a higher rate, and at less of an expense on the player’s Stardust stock. This effectively means that Pokémon will become battle hardened with less effort, essentially making it similar to allowing your Pokémon to hold a “Lucky Egg” in the traditional games.

According to a blog post on Pokémon Go’s official site, Pokémon have a chance of becoming “Lucky” when traded to another trainer. The longer they’ve been in storage, the higher those chances become.

Unfortunately though, “Lucky” Pokémon are not available just yet. Pokémon Go’s team took to Twitter to inform players that once the current update is rolled out in its entirety, the feature will then be accessible.

Pokémon Go’s ever-expanding AR experience has seen an abundance of updates and changes across the last two years. However, one important alteration happens behind the scenes; that is Niantic’s new three-strike policy to order to combat cheaters. The new rule set sees a number of stands taken against those caught tricking their GPS to catch Pokémon that would otherwise be unavailable in their areas.

Pokémon Go is available now on iOS and Android.