Pokemon GO Players Are Locked Out While Developers Search for Fix

Pokemon GO Players Are Locked Out While Developers Search for Fix

It seems Pokemon GO players are locked out of the game, and developer Niantic is already rolling out fixes to give players access.

Are you a Pokemon GO superstar who’s been invested since Day 1? You may have been noticing some troubles logging into your account. After three weeks of continued access issues for the (still) popular Pokemon mobile game, developer Niantic has spoken — letting players know that they are working on rolling out a fix.

While this problem has been an ongoing one for many since before September 2018, the conversation was sparked on the high-level Pokemon-based community TheSilphRoad. The post, titled “Niantic is Losing High Level Accounts and Can’t Tell Anyone Why” gives a recap of the situation, with user StrangeFreak mentioning that a friend of theirs has been locked out since Christmas with the accounts becoming seemingly corrupted.

Instead of levying an accusation against developer Niantic, the purpose of the thread was to generate some responses and see how wide-spread an occurrence this one, along with more details on what exactly was happening. Other players were able to chime in that Niantic customer support has reassured them that their accounts were safe, but were entirely unable to locate it:

I explained to the support staff that my account did exist, I had receipts for coins it had bought, and included screenshots of my account name as it appeared on my friends’ lists. Their response:

“We had re-checked the screenshot with the Nickname ‘SmarmyNarwhal‘ and I’m afraid, we are unable to pull-up any account. This can happen if the Nickname is already changed.

Hence, kindly take your time and provide the correct email address and recent nickname of your account. Once you get back, we will assist you accordingly.”

Others had gotten further with the process, but still no official confirmation on what the problem was or how far the progress was on it getting fixed.

After a few hours of collecting data, a Niantic representative addressed the thread. According to NianticGeorge, this was a server-based issue and the team has “begun the process of restoring access to those accounts that are unable to log in.”

Niantic Pokemon Go Bug Fix Reddit

This was in itself a major relief to the community — many of the issues everyone has in the gaming scene often deals with the lack of communication or miscommunication. Even better, players who aren’t able to log on (and haven’t for months) can reach out to Niantic support with the knowledge that this is a known issue that is being actively resolved.

While the groundswell of popularity that Pokemon GO had in its initial days are far behind us, the game is still actively being updated and played by masses of mobile gamers. Lately, we saw a callback to Pokemon’s Hoenn region in a recent update that makes those creatures more popular. Meanwhile, some new research is destined out for Water-based Feebas, and we will be seeing some Safari Zone features coming to South America soon.

Pokemon GO is available right now on mobile for Android and iOS; if you want to check the back-and-forth on the recurring issue, check out the full Reddit thread below:

Niantic is Losing High Level Accounts and Can’t Tell Anyone Why from r/TheSilphRoad