Pokemon GO Spotlighting Two Pokemon For November Community Days

Pokemon GO Spotlighting Two Pokemon For November Community Days

Electabuzz and Magmar are the focus of a bonus two Community Days this November.

Community Days have been a pillar of Pokemon GO for years now. Once a month a Pokemon will be propelled into the spotlight for a few hours, appearing more frequently in the wild while accompanied by a range of bonuses. The events are incredibly popular amongst players thanks to the vastly increased shiny rates and the exclusive move that can be learnt by the Pokemon on the day.

While usually, there is only one Pokemon and one Community Day per month, Niantic has confirmed November will be a little different, with two Pokemon in the spotlight across two different weekends.


The first of the two Community Days will be taking place on Sunday, November 15, with the focus on Electabuzz. Alongside the increased shiny rate, players who evolve Electabuzz within the event period will get an Electivire that knows Flamethrower. There will also be some exclusive research tasks and Elekid will be hatching from 2km eggs.

The following weekend, on Saturday, November 21, Magmar will be in the spotlight. Like Electabuzz, Magmar will have an increased shiny rate and any Magmar that is evolved during the event period will result in a Magmortar that knows Thunderbolt. Again, there will also be some special research tasks and Magby will also be hatching from 2km eggs.

Across both days there will also be a couple of extra bonuses. Eggs that are placed in Incubators during the Community Day event period will hatch in 1/4 distance and Incense will also last for three hours.

Pokemon GO is currently deep into its yearly Halloween event. This year’s event features Galarian Yamask for the first time, as well as the opportunity to gain Mega Candy for Mega Gengar. The event also offers players the first opportunity to encounter and catch a shiny Spiritomb alongside both a costumed Sableye and Gengar.