Pokémon Go Will Get PvP and Legendary Pokemon This Summer

Niantic confirms release for PvP and Legendary Pokemon in Pokémon Go

Apparently there is no stopping Pokémon Go. After 650 million downloads and 65 million active players, there are still many updates to come. In a recent interview with Brazilian outlet O Globo, it has been confirmed that both legendary Pokémon and PvP will be coming to the game.

The Legendary Pokémon was teased last week when Development Lead Archit Bhargava put out a little teaser remark. In this recent interview, Niantic Vice President of Strategic Partnershps Mathieu de Fayet revealed the news to O Globo:

Because of the great success, we had to postpone some news that was planned. Now, we are working on some news for next summer (Northern Hemisphere), how to give more value to team choice, the release of Legendary Pokémon and battles between players. One thing we learned from “Ingress” is that the game holds if we are able to create social interactions between players, and we are working on it.

This new update comes on the heels of Niantic undergoing alpha testing on their newest mobile game Pokéland in Japan. Both Legendary Pokémon and PvP battles have been highly requested features for players since game launched. As Fayet notes, however, the game was so successful that they did not need to roll the features out right away. Hopefully, this extra development time will allow Niantic to adequately prepare for the added strain to their servers. After all, not only will active players try out the new additions, but this will most likely get people who stopped playing to return to the game.

Pokémon Go has been routinely updated since launch, and is available for free on both Android and iOS platforms.


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