Pokémon Go’s Legendary Regirock Appears for Raid Battles

Pokémon Go’s Legendary Regirock Appears for Raid Battles

Hoenn's legendary pokémon Regirock is available to catch right now in Pokémon Go as part of the game's multiplayer raid battles.

Pokémon Go’s ever-changing landscape has brought another legendary pokémon onto the scene. This time in the form of generation 3’s Regirock.

Regirock is the final part of Pokémon Go’s Regi Trio following in the footsteps of Regice and Registeel both of which appeared earlier this year. The rock-type variant will be a raid battle boss meaning that the bulky creature will take a lot of damage before its health becomes low enough for trainers to attempt to capture it. However, its unfortunate type means that it is weak to many different pokémon attacks. Grass, water, steel, fighting, and ground-based moves will all deal additional damage to Regirock throughout the month-long multiplayer event.

Along with Regirock who is ready to take on trainers from the top of Pokémon Go’s gyms right now, the mythical pokémon Celebi will also be available to catch from August 20 through the game’s field research mechanic.

Pokémon Go is available now for Android and iOS. Regirock’s raid battles are currently active and will remain so until September 20.