Pokémon Go Safari Zone Event to Take Place in Taiwan

Pokémon Go Safari Zone Event to Take Place in Taiwan

Taiwan-based Pokémon Go trainers have the chance to catch a shiny Pinsir and a lot more at an upcoming Safari Zone event in Tainan.

The seasons may be getting colder, but that doesn’t seem to stop Pokémon trainers from gathering together outdoors to catch an abundance of adorable little battle creatures. Taiwan-based players have a chance to fill up their pokédex as Tainan is set to play host to an upcoming Pokémon Go Safari Zone event next month.

Recently announced via development team Niantic’s official blog, Taiwan’s Tainan will become a pokémon trainer’s playground from Thursday, November 1 through to Monday, November 5. Like other Safari Zone events before it, there will be a central hub for players to gather to catch pokémon together. This time the location will be the Tainan Metropolitan Park and the Chimel Museum. Previous events have seen thousands of people in attendance and it’s safe to assume that this one will prove to be equally as popular.

Along with the regular array of pokémon that can be spotted around Taiwan’s oldest city, players can also expect the appearance of rarer pokémon too. Among those that will be available to catch in the wild are generation 6’s ancient rock/water type Relicanth and physic type Unown from the old Pokémon: Gold Version and Pokémon: Silver Version days. To top it all off there will also be a chance to catch a rare shiny Pinsir.

Pokémon Go is available to download now on iOS and Android.