Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour: Are Voltorb and Electrode Shiny?

Is Voltorb shiny?

By Sam Woods

March 16, 2021

We’re now heading into our second major event of March, Charge Up, and with it, our third Spotlight Hour.

This time, the Pokemon who will be gracing us with its presence is none other than the Ball Pokemon, Voltorb.

From 6 pm – 7 pm local time, players will be inundated with the Pokeball lookalikes and they will also gain double Stardust just for catching Pokemon.

The big question is, are Voltorb and its evolution Electrode shiny during this Spotlight Hour?

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What does shiny Voltorb and shiny Electrode look like?

Shiny Voltorb and Shiny Electrode undergo a major palate swap in their shiny forms and are definitely some of the cooler Kanto shinies. The pair’s traditional red (synonymous with the Pokeball) is swapped out for a much more vibrant blue colour. This means, they look less like a Pokeball and more like a Great Ball!

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Is shiny Voltorb and shiny Electrode available during the Spotlight Hour?

Thankfully, yes they are. The pair have been available in their shiny form for almost a year now, appearing for the first time at the Philadelphia Safari Zone back in May 2020.

Sadly, however, like all Spotlight Hours, it’s very unlikely that Voltorb and Electrode’s shiny rates will be boosted. Therefore, players hoping to find one will need to click on as many as they can to give themselves the best chance.

What Spotlight Hours are left in March?

Due to the way the month has fallen, there are still a further two Spotlight Hours in March. Next week, we are graced by none other than the Pond Skater Pokemon, Surskit, and the week following that it will be the Lava Pokemon, Slugma.

As always, these two Spotlight Hours will fall on Tuesdays, meaning March 23 and 30 are the dates you’ll need for your diaries.

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