Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour July 2022: Ledyba Shiny Status, Bonuses & More

Here is whether there is a shiny Ledyba in Pokemon Go or not.

July 4, 2022

With the start of a new month, a slew of events is all set to kick off in Pokemon Go and we have a Spotlight Hour as the first event for July.

For the first Spotlight Hour of July 2022, we have Ledyba as the featured Pokemon. The event timings remain the same, and it will be kicking off at the usual 6 pm time and end at 7 pm. It should be noted that this is according to your local time, so you don’t need to worry about different time zones and just stick to your regional time zone to keep track of the event’s start time. That does mean that players from New Zealand will get it earlier, but it is not going to make a lot of difference considering that this doesn’t really have any research tasks. During the course of the event, the spawn rate of Ledyba will be increased significantly so if you don’t have the Pokemon this is the best time to catch it.

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If you have taken part in previous Spotlight Hours, you must know that there is a bonus that players get on top of the boosted spawn rate. For this week, the bonus reward is twice the amount of XP you usually get for catching Pokemon. This makes it not only a great event for catching Ledyba, but also for gaining XP and leveling up fast. It should be noted that the XP boost applies to all Pokemon, so you can catch any of them if you want to boost your level.

Coming to the shiny status of Ledyba, the good news is that a shiny variant of the Pokemon does indeed exist in the game. Contrary to the regular orange appearance, Shiny Ledyba has a yellowish appearance which makes it easier to spot. Shiny rates aren’t boosted, but the increased spawn rate should still improve your chances to get a Ledyba.

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