Pokemon GO to Introduce Pokemon Companion System

on September 2, 2016 6:59 PM

One of the most lobbied complaints against Niantic’s megahit mobile title Pokemon GO has been how there is no way to form a bond with your Pokemon. While starter Pokemon have typically held special places in handheld Pokemon games, most people have transferred their original Pokemon in favor of stronger versions.

To combat this attitude, Niantic is implementing a new “Buddy” feature, that will allow you to train your Pokemon through walking around. Players will be able to set a Buddy Pokemon and it will open up in-game rewards and experiences, such as candy to help level-up that Pokemon.

Of note, you will be able to change your Buddy Pokemon at any time. There is no specific time that players can expect this added feature, however this does seem like Niantic trying to implement more traditional Pokemon features into the title.

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