Pokémon Go Encourages Trading Through New Bonuses

Pokémon Go Encourages Trading Through New Bonuses

Pokémon Go's limited time offer allows trainers to gain a great deal of bonuses from trading their adorable little pocket monsters.

Pokémon Go keeps raising the bar for mobile gaming as it continues to add features and events for players to participate in. This month, developers Niantic seems to be focusing on the game’s recently added trading mechanic.

Starting today, Pokémon Go is giving players something of a trading bonus with additional candy being available for every trade. You can bag a total of up to six candies in a single trade. Not only that, but for a limited time trades will cost trainers 25% less stardust. This perk kicks in regardless of how long players have been in-game friends.

To top it all off, if you receive a pokémon that you have not previously registered into your pokédex, you’ll be rewarded with a massive boost of triple XP.

The trading-centric event is perfectly timed as it coincides with the recently released influx of “lucky” pokémon; creatures that have a chance of gaining XP faster after being traded.

The ever-successful Pokémon Go is available now on iOS and Android with the special trading bonuses kicking into effect today and lasting until August 19.