Pokemon Go Update Brings 80 Second Generation Pokemon to Your Phone

Pokemon Go Update Brings 80 Second Generation Pokemon to Your Phone

Niantic have answered players call to bring second generation pokemon to Pokemon Go

Ever since Pokémon Go first hit our smart phones last year, lovers of the franchise have been eager to see the second generation of Pokémon to be introduced into the game. Today, developer Niantic finally put gamers minds at ease with the introduction of 80 of the 100 Pokémon first encountered in Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal.

This update will allow players to evolve older Pokémon into those from the later generation, while also allowing them to acquire the baby evolution of some Pokémon. To compensate the increase of evolved stages, then number of candies required to evolve the lower stages have been reduced, while some new evolutions require additional items.

In addition to new Pokémon, other new features have been introduced, while some older features have undergone some changes. Previously, wild Pokémon would remain static while you threw Pokeballs at them. Now however, Pokémon will run around the stage and dodge your attempts. A Nanab berry (another new addition) can be used to calm a wild Pokémon down to make catching it somewhat easier. Players will now also gain a ‘first throw’ bonus for catching a Pokémon on the first attempt. The user interface regarding pokeball and berries has also seen some changes to allow more convenient navigation.

Pokémon Go is available to download via the App Store and the Google Play Store.