Popular Pokemon GO Accounts Deplatformed After YouTube Algorithm Mistakes CP for Child Porn

Popular Pokemon GO Accounts Deplatformed After YouTube Algorithm Mistakes CP for Child Porn

Popular Pokemon GO channel, Trainer Tips was terminated after YouTube's algorithm mistakenly flagged the "Combat Power" abbreviation stood for child pornography.

We’ve all seen people on social media networks complaining to YouTube about their content being demonetized, taken down, or even whole accounts terminated unfairly. These people complaining are usually victim to YouTube artificial intelligence algorithm which appears, over the past few years, to have replaced the main bulk of work for human moderation. Popular Pokemon GO YouTuber Nicholas Oyzon woke up yesterday to messages that his entire Trainer Tips channel had vanished.

Nicholas Oyzon is a YouTuber who specializes in creating Pokémon GO videos looking at new features, providing tips, and also vlogs his journeys around the world to catch Pokemon. He has worked with Niantic and has a YouTube following of over 836k on his main channel and boasts creating family-friendly content in a video that he uploaded earlier today explaining the situation.

Originally, he woke up to messages and had no idea why his Pokemon GO channel had been terminated. However, after battling to get his entire Google Account reinstated, he was able to read the email he had received. His email mentioned that the video, “How to Get Stronger Pokémon with High IVs/CP in Pokémon GO” was the video that had been flagged. It was originally uploaded in 2016 but had only just now been flagged and apparently for containing “sexually provocative content. Sexual content involving minors is particularly sensitive.

He explains that after reading through comments and looking into the termination more, it was quite possibly the “CP” in the title. Of course, if you’re a regular Pokemon GO player you’ll know that this stands for “Combat Power”. However, “CP” can also be used to abbreviate “Child Pornography” which a moderation system would flag.

Now, before I carry on, Nicholas Oyzon points out that this has happened in the past with videos containing CP in the title, making references to the WWE Supercard community who used the abbreviation CP to mention the wrestler CM Punk. He also mentions channels who use CP for Club Penguin have had channels removed, or videos removed.

Nicholas makes it clear in his video that he does not believe a real human being reviewed the flagged video and let the AI take matters into its own hands. Usually YouTube state that their AI will pick up potentially harmful videos and send them to a human member of staff to manually review the video. He also believes that YouTube needs to tweak the algorithm due to so many users experiencing problems with it, saying the algorithm “needs a lesson in context.”

While this next section of this news post is a whole different bag of bones essentially more in the lines of Elsagate, it is something Nicholas points out. He explains that he was linked to a video which premiered 18 hours ago at the time of writing this. Nicholas’ above video was uploaded 2 hours ago.

The video by MattsWhatItIs starts off explaining that this is possibly going to be his last video and that he doesn’t want to support the platform anymore. Essentially, his 20-minute long video shows him exposing a “wormhole into a soft-core pedophilia ring” on YouTube. Matt shows himself enabling a VPN and making a throwaway Google account in order to start fresh, and almost instantly accesses the “wormhole”. Many of these videos end up with millions of views, and are all monetized by YouTube — this is (in other words) a latent fiasco ready to happen.

In short, users end up being recommended videos of young children and the comments are filled with users sharing links to child pornography, and more. This goes beyond the bredth of gaming, but colors in why they are deplatforming content creators. If you want to know more about that, you can watch the video.

In lighter news, Nicholas’ channel is back in working order and he has even uploaded a new video going straight back into his usual routine of playing Pokemon GO. If you’re a Pokemon GO fan you’ll no doubt know of the limited Shiny version of Meltan being available this month. Additionally, we’re expecting to see the new GO Snapshot photo mode for the mobile game.P okemon GO is available for iOS and Android devices.